Herbal Hair Hydration Tea/Mist

This is a Herbal Tea Packet (see directions below).

Treat your hair to this hydrating leave in conditioner made with pure quality ingredients. 
This herbal hair tea/mist restores your hair's PH, repairs damaged hair and promotes body and shine without weighing the hair down. It's the perfect product to spray in after washing your hair, before blow-drying or a mid-week refresher - your hair will thank you!


How To Use:

Step 1: Add you herbal tea packet to a 16oz mason jar.

Step 2: Add hot water to your 16oz jar (carefully) 

Step 3: Allow your herbal tea packet to steep until cooled

Step 4: Add 4oz of your herbal tea + 4oz filtered water to a spray bottle (shake well)

Step 5: You are ready to use.


Dried Rosemary, Dried Green Tea, Dried Lemongrass, Dried Peppermint


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