Ready To Glow Facial Gift Set

Our Holiday Gift Set includes:

Sitti Olive Oil Soap - from Sitti 

Sitti Soap bars are all-natural olive oil soap bars. Each bar is handmade using the traditional cold-press method, passed down from generation to generation of Palestinian women. We source our olive oil from local farms in Jerash, Jordan.

Ideal for everyday face and body washing, or leaving in your powder room for guests to enjoy.

Enjoy major benefits for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin, acne, or eczema. 


Facial Mask - from TMAE 

Our botanical-infused Charcoal-Bentonite Facial Mask will help to draw toxins and remove unwanted dead skin from your pores, leaving your skin soft, smooth, healthy and breathable. Add this clay mask to your regular skincare regimen to keep your skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated!

The beautiful scent of essential oils in the mask just takes you away... it's simply amazing.

Facial Serum - from TMAE

This beautiful blend of powerful skin-loving oils will help to lock in moisture, nourish and smoothen your skin, soothe acne-prone skin and leave skin feeling soft nourished and moisturized.

Facial Cream - from TMAE

With Nettle & Shea

Our Overnight Facial Cream is nourishing lightweight and leaves your skin radiant. Formulated to heal dry flaky skin while clearing up acne scars resulting in soft, smooth healthy glowing skin.

Bubble Candle - from Kiki Candles CA 

This candle is the perfect accent to create a relaxing mod for your self-care routine. 

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