Skin Healing Ingredients

December 23, 2019

Skin Healing Ingredients

Let's Talk Skin Healing Ingredients for the Winter

Can you see the snow line dropping? Time to face the fact that winter is just around the corner. It means you have to do a lot with moisturizing, since cold air has a way of drying your skin.

Winter skin is often dull and the struggle is real because winter skin care is not simple. Without immediate care, dry skin can lead to cracking and bleeding, and harsh winter wind makes the problem worse.

These 10 ingredients will help you keep your skin glowing even in this chilly weather.

  1. Shea Butter
  • It is a fat extracted from the Shea tree nuts. Is often used in moisturizers, creams, lotions, and other emulsions for the skin and hair. It is off-white or ivory-colored and has a creamy consistency that is easy to spread on your skin. It penetrates deeply to relieve the conditions of redness and dryness. This fatty substance is extremely hydrating and healing for your skin.


  1. Mango Butter
  • Is a rich natural fat, derived from the seeds contained inside the pits of the Mango fruit. It nourishes the skin and boosts its elasticity as well as its suppleness, making your skin look smoother, firmer and healthier. For hair, it seals in moisture and reduces breakage and hair loss by strengthening hair follicles, thereby encouraging the growth of stronger, healthier hair.


  1. Castor Oil
  • Is a vegetable oil derived from the seeds of the castor oil plant Ricinus communis. It contains Vitamin E, proteins and Omega 6 & 9 that are the key components responsible for good hair and skin. If one is looking for shiny hair in mint condition or healthy, glowing skin, castor oil is the perfect solution. (It is also our favorite carrier oil)


  1. Glycerin
  • Glycerin is used in soaps and cleansers because it can help reduce oily skin, however at the same time it is a humectant, meaning it pulls moisture from the air to your skin. It is commonly used with occlusive, another type of moisturizing agent, to trap the moisture that it draws into the skin.


  1. Aloe Vera
  • It is popular medicinal plant that has been used for thousands of years. It is known to provide many amazing benefits for healthy skin & hair, weight loss and more. It contains antioxidants, enzymes, Vitamins A and C, and it is highly anti-inflammatory. It can help treat burns, acne and dry skin.


  1. Chamomile
  • It possess many powerful skin properties such as anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antibacterial, antiseptic, and contains essential oils and antioxidants. The antioxidants also help boost skin health to bring out an inner glow and even fade dark spots and under-eye circles.


  1. Arrowroot
  • It absorbs oils/sebum beautifully and is also promotes natural healing as it penetrates the skin. Normally fixes rashes, aggravations and rapidly dries wounds and contamination as well. It can lessen the appearance of wrinkles, fix the pores, include versatility and consequently make your skin look healthier, vibrant and youthful.


  1. Eucalyptus Essential Oil
  • Is a purifying, cleansing, clarifying, and immune-boosting oil that is ideal for use on skin in aromatherapy, and as a surface cleaning agent and a fabric freshener. It can help cleanse the epidermis, ridding the pores of harmful impurities that can contribute to breakouts, pigmentation, dry and dull skin.


  1. Geranium Essential Oil
  • It is the “one size fits all” of winter essential oils. Whether your skin is dry or oily, it helps to balance things out. It has astringent-like qualities that tone and firm the skin, and its anti-inflammatory properties may help minimize red, dry, irritated skin as well. It also used to promote emotional stability, alleviate pain, stimulate healing from burns and wounds, enhance mood, and reduce inflammation.


    10. Lemon Essential Oil

  • Is one of the most easily recognized oils because of its refreshing, energizing and uplifting scent. These healing benefits can be attributed to the oil’s anti-inflammatory, astringent, analgesic, stimulant, antiseptic, soothing, energizing, and balancing activities, among other valuable properties.


All seasons has their own treasures and winter has its own charms too. Continue to give some extra TLC to your skin in order to maintain that summer glow even during the colder months!

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