Romantic Valentine's Date Night At Home

February 07, 2021

Romantic Valentine's Date Night At Home

For many relationships, the pandemic has brought about a strain on our relationships.

It could be the slowing down of life and couples having to spend more time with each other learning each other’s pattern outside of the “after work” let’s grab something to eat and go to bed pattern.

It could also be a job cut and/or a decrease in one’s scheduled hours (if you are experiencing this my heart is with you and I pray your situation improves soon).

It could also be having the challenge of virtual schooling with the children and still trying to make sense of it all.

No matter what these challenges are, we can all agree that they do play a huge part in affecting the relationship we have with our spouses.  

The truth is we can continue to watch the chaos of our lives unfold, tearing our relationship apart day after day while we live in misery and do nothing about it, or we could make small changes daily to improve the relationship with our spouses.

I think I like the second option.


We could start with A Romantic At Home Valentine’s Evening Date.

Here is something you can do this Valentine’s Day to show the love of your life that you are still in this relationship for the long haul and you no longer want to continue in the misery of a chaotic, mundane, pass me by in misery kind of lifestyle.


Before you start your day planning and prepping is ESSENTIAL!

Here are a few things you can do for an easier flow to your day:


  • Prep your day from the night before (somethings can even be done days prior). This is super important as leaving everything for the day can be overwhelming as your days are already full and chaotic. So to make things easier on you, prep your day from the night before. See below for things you shod prep from the night before.
  1. Your bedroom linen/bedding
  2. Your bathroom for a clean bathroom setting and a clean bathtub
  3. Your makeup and outfit (something cute and simple yet alluring)
  4. The kid’s breakfast and lunch (this can even be planned and done days prior)
  5. Your main Course (have seasonings chopped/diced and ready to go for the next day). If meat is on your menu, marinate your meat kind from the night before or even days before * REFRIGERATE*.
  6. If alcohol is on the menu pick those up from the day before as well.
  7. If possible you can have your hair done prior to the day of as well (your choice).


It's Date Night!!!

Now that we have arrived on the special day of our romantic evening, your children may or may not have school today. However, if they do remember that you have prepped breakfast and lunch so that is one less thing to do today. 

If your main course is meat of any kind (your choice) you can opt to do a crockpot slow meal on the stovetop. This allows you to start early and finish on time without having to be super attentive (be careful not to neglect your cooking LOL). 

During this time it would be nice to start putting together your Charcuterie Board. This can be done ahead of time because you can cover it until you are ready to have it. 


Getting Ready for your Evening

Here are a few getting ready tips:

If you are planning to wear makeup, keep it simple and easy, nothing overstated considering it 'may" not last long anyway. 

Dress cozy and comfortable, but alluring. Putting that extra oomph in what we wear most times adds to our confidence and overall mood.  

 Below are a few options for your romantic evening.

In case you are wondering what to do with your children here are  two suggestions:

  1. You can hire a trusted overnight sitter if you don't have a close family or friend who is able to babysit.
  2. Your children can have dinner with you and turn them into bed a bit early. If they are of age, you can explain to them you need adult time with your spouse (children actually understand and appreciate the gesture of including them in "understanding that adults need time alone". They also get to see first-hand love, appreciation and a humble indoors date night on a budget. 



Main Course, Charcuterie Board, Wine & A Movie 

Your Charcuterie Board can be tailored to your preference should you choose in include this option. This is fun and easy to prepare.



Take A Bath With Your Spouse 

Taking baths with your spouse can not only enhance your intimate life, it gives both parties an opportunity to relax, nourish and rejuvenate … 

Use the opportunity to talk about anything but bills, kids or adult "responsibility" related.

I love using the Bath Bars (fizzes) from Bare Skin Bar, the scents are absolutely amazing and they leave the skin feeling soft, smooth, hydrated and moist. Try the Surprise Box this way you are able to try four (4) bars at a discounted price.

Another way to get a bit extra out of this romantic experience is using a Body Polisher. We oftentimes are not able to reach our back area in our daily cleansing routine and having your spouse help you is a win win for both.

Bare Skin Bar's Body Polish gives a nice lather on wet skin and when used in a gentle circular motion, it leaves your skin feeling smooth (you both will be happy with the use of this product). Bare Skin Bar's body polish scents are Ginger + Bergamot and Japanese Peppermint, the natural scents are pleasing to one's sense of smell so I recommend them both.


Soft Smooth Moisturized Skin for A Beautiful Late Evening

After a beautiful bath, I would suggest that you share a couples moisturizing session, you may even opt to use this opportunity to do a couples massage. Our Body Butter Duo is the perfect combination for a couples massage, especially after a couples bath. 

Our Body Butter and Body Oils are rich with fatty acids and packed with moisturizing ingredients like mango butter, shea butter, castor oil and more. This gives dry skin the moisturizing healing it desires and is perfect for maintaining healthy glowing skin. 

With this duo, during a couples massage, make sure to have your spouse massage your back and bottom area as that is the most neglected because they are hard to reach for most people (yes we are making this massage sensual and functional lol). 

Our Body Butters and Oils come in five different scents: Coconut-Lime, Eucalyptus-Mint, Vanilla-Almond, Citrus and Lavender each scent takes you to a place of mental and emotional relaxation (no kids, bills or work the next day in mind. Just you, your spouse and healthy moisturized skin. 



Of course, the evening ends when you say so, all we ask is that you focus on building back your relationship and rekindling that fire. 

Relax, Nourish, Rejuvenate...

Because you deserve it... 


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