5 Easy Ways On How To Control Hair Loss

January 06, 2020

5 Easy Ways On How To Control Hair Loss

Everyone loses hair from time to time.

Seeing a few strands on your pillow, in your comb and shower drain is perfectly normal. It can be a real shock to realize just how much hair is coming out every time you wash it!

“Most hair shedding should happen during shampooing, although it’s still common to lose some when combing through afterward,” says Dr. Bergfeld. “But if you’re continuing to shed long after you’ve shampooed or you’re suddenly finding it all over your clothes – this could signal a problem.”

Hair loss is a usual side effect of getting older. The most common cause is a hereditary condition. It also occurs after pregnancy (telogen effluvium), medical conditions and excessive hair styling. 

The good news is, there are many things you can do to slow or stop hair loss, let's talk about a few of these things:


  1. Have A healthy Diet

Just like skin, our hair needs enough minerals and vitamins too. Having a healthy, strong and shiny hair is a reflection of our health. If you are not getting certain nutrients from food, you might see the effects on your hair.

Eating fish like salmon, sardines, mackerel, walnuts, almonds, and flaxseed oil are packed with healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

Food that is rich in Vitamin A, like dark leafy green vegetables, papaya, mango and sweet red peppers. Also, Vitamin B12 found in milk and milk products. Including dairy products and other green vegetables that are rich in Biotin is also important.

These foods help you to protect yourself from disease, but your body also needs them to grow hair and keep it shiny and full.


2. Moisturize Your Hair/Healthy Hair Maintenance 

Moisturized hair has more elasticity, is less prone to breakage, tangles, dryness and frizzy.

Keep yourself moisturized and hydrated, to help the hair to promote hair health aiding in hair growth.   

Aside from using your regular shampoo and conditioner, one thing you should add to your hair care regimen is a hydration mist, a hair moisturizing butter and a hair oil.

Take Me Away Essentials Hair Care Moisturizing Set works together as a system to give you the health, moisture, hydration and softness your hair needs. 

It includes our Twist Curl or Sleek Moisturizing Butter, to combat dry brittle, dull, frizzy hair that lacks life and shine. Hair and Scalp Nourishing Oil to strengthen, protect and nourish your hair and our  Hair Mist to restore your hair’s PH. Simplifying your hair regimen can help minimize damage and hair fall.


3. Find Ways to Reduce Your Stress Levels

Although not all hair loss is caused by stress, it's often associated with hair loss. Stress can push hair follicles into a “resting” phase so that they don’t produce new hair strands.

Reducing stress will reduce hair loss and reduce physical tension in your scalp, which can stunt hair growth. You can do regular exercise, yoga, and meditation or any activities to bring your stress level under control and restore your body’s natural hair growth process. 


4. Avoid Over-Styling Your Hair

Pulling your hair too much, using heat and chemicals can trigger significant hair loss and damage. 

The follicle can undergo stress and will easily fall out if you pull hair too much. Hair also becomes brittle and breaks off if you apply high heat on a regular or daily basis. When it comes to chemicals like hair spray, perms or straighteners can lose the elasticity because hair is over-processed.


5. Lessen Alcohol & Avoid Smoking

Know what is for your hair. Alcohol can lessen the growth of your hair. We know that cigarette smoking can cause a lot of health problems and can be a reason for hair loss. 

Cigarettes can reduce the amount of blood flowing to the scalp and will affect hair growth too. If you notice that your hair is thinning or falling out, start to lessen your alcohol intake and avoid smoking.


Always remember to get it right. When your hair is healthy, it undoubtedly looks better. Now keep calm and start following these best steps in maintaining the health of your hair!

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