3 Ways To Save Money This Holiday Season

December 08, 2019

3 Ways To Save Money This Holiday Season

The Holidays are upon us, and expenses are waving, are you ready for shopping?

I know we are all excited this Holiday Season and we want to keep stacking the Christmas Tree and stuffing our stockings.

However money is sometimes a challenge and we often times have to keep trimming the Holiday budget. Overspending and impulsive buying is hard to resist during this season and sometimes brings us more pain than happiness.

According to Chase Card Services, 80% of North Americans feel stressed out during the holidays and nearly one-third admit shopping for gifts is quite challenging.

Take Me Away Essentials can assure you, is possible to get something special for everyone on your list and still stay within budget while saving some extra dollars this Holiday Season.


Here are 3 tips for wise shopping and saving during this holiday season.

  1. Make A Shopping List And Budget In Advance

Start writing down the people you'd like to gift this Holiday Season.

List how much you'd like to spend overall, then note how much you'd like to spend  on each person's gift. This gives you an idea of your intended total spending and amount you will need.


           With a list on hand, you can avoid the tendency to buy more than what you should buy. Stick to your plan and check it twice, it is possible to make good purchases without breaking the bank.


  1. Find A Great Deal

           Once you found that amazing offer, go ahead and take advantage of it. Most often these deals have a timeline on them and you may need need to act fast. It is an effective way to save money and you'd already have the gift budged for.

This holiday season are great deals but sometimes short lived so act fast while staying within budget.


           You can hit different stores or do online shopping for the best sales price remembering at all times to stay within budget. Some stores offer coupons, free shipping, buy 1 take 1 and discounted prices. Be prepared, take advantage while staying focused. 


  1. Buy Gift Kits or Sets

To get the most out of your holiday budget, purchasing Gift Sets and Kits has been proven to be is a clever idea as Sets and Kits and most often discounted and with a sale or coupon code these sets are further discounted. So take full advantage of this.


           Take Me Away Essentials will help you to balance your practicality, kindness, thoughtfulness and make things to work in your budget. TMAE has the best kit selections for your gift giving this Holiday Season. Our hair and skin care gift set. Body Butter Duo, Facial Set, Hair Set and Hair & Body Set are guaranteed to give that person the warm tender cuddly feeling you are wanting to convey this Holiday Season. Box them, wrap them, gift bag them or even stocking stuff them, the choice is yours, we got you. 



           No matter who is on your list, surely you will put on smile on their faces while learning new ways to save money this Holiday Season.


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